The PopTop Pinhole Camera

The Pop Top Cam uses a can as the camera body. A piece of opaque tape serves as a shutter. Film is placed inside and the camera set on a stable platform. The exposure is calculated and the shutter opened. After the shutter is closed the film is advanced for the next shot. When all shots have been made the film is removed for processing.

The 12oz cameras create a square image.
The 16oz PopTop Cameras creates a double wide frame.

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Loading the Camera

Hold the can horizontal with fingers tips around camera top and gently pry off top. Remove film winder before sliding out film on film sled. Cut film between spools and save empty spool to use as your new take-up spool. Make sure to take off the clicker to save for your next roll of film. Take your film to photo lab for processing. Tell lab to hand cut film negatives. If you have access to a scanner you can scan the image with the sprocket holes.

Keep fingers away from can edges, as they may be sharp.
Do not open pop top or you will expose your film.

Tape fresh film to take-up spools film end, wind take-up spool past the tape. Attach clicker to supply roll with tape.
Align sleds with nubs on film spools. Nubs go through holes in sleds.
Slide sleds into can with take-up spool facing out and its nub facing the winding hole.
Push camera top onto can. Insert winder through hole and into spool nub.


The Pop Top Pinhole camera is pre-loaded with 200 speed color film. To get to the starting position, turn the film winder counter-clockwise for 8 clicks or 1 revolution).

Use the enclosed chart to gauge exposure time. Wind the film 8 clicks or 1 revolution between each shot. When film stops winding, open can and cut film. Keep the empty film spool and the clicker for reloading the camera with your next roll of film. For loading instructions refer to the backside of this sheet. If using a light meter or exposure app the pinhole size is f-128

Place can on firm surface with pinhole pointing towards your subject. For a horizontal image prop your can to keep it from rolling. Determine exposure by consulting chart and sunlight conditions. Carefully remover shutter (tape) and start counting your exposure. Replace shutter when exposure time is done. Wind your film counter-clockwise 8 clicks (1 revolution).